The SolarStrap? roof attachment system offers a revolutionary advancement in mounting technology for PV systems on flat roofs. The SolarStrap? requires neither penetrations nor ballasts, while being both easy to install and attractively priced. A proprietary design employs heat sealing technology to secure the framework to the roof and allows for rapid installation with minimal tools. The system hardware is also available coupled with design and installation services.


  • Minimal or NO Penetrations

  • Fastest Installation with One Tool and Few Components

  • Lightest Overall Weight

  • Integrated Bonding up to 360 Modules per Lug

  • 0 – 15 Degree tilt Angles Available

  • 0 – 15 Degree Roof Pitch Accommodated

  • Compatible with Most Modules

  • Compatible with Most Flat Roof Surfaces – TPO, PVC, EPDM, and Asphalt

  • Landscape Orientation Standard

  • Marine Grade Option Available

  • Increases Roof Life Span

  • Engineering, Layout, and Installation Services Available*

  • Fast and Easy Permitting

  • Lightweight Design Reduces Loading

  • Designed and Manufactures in Los Angeles, California, USA

*Engineering may require additional charges.


No. 9267712 No. 9551509 No. 9587859 No. 9742347 No. 9985574
Strap Mount for Solar Panels Apparatuses and Methods for Fastening Roofing Straps and Structural Members to Roofs Strap Mount for Solar Panels Modular Strap Mount for Solar Panels Modular Strap Mount for Solar Panels


Material Array Weight
(with panels)
Wind Loading Seismic Ground Plane Warranty
Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Polymer 1.6 – 2.0 lbs./s.f. 150 MPH All classification Up to 360 modules 20 year
material defects


UL 2703 Certificate
OF Compliance
LADBS (structural) UL 1703
20140820 – E356152 RR No. 26108 Class A fire rating
Type 1, Type 2, Type 3 modules


ICC Test Criteria SEAOC PV-1 SEAOC PV-2 SEAOC PV-2 and ASCE 7 RWDI Report
ESR 3839,
AC 467*
Guidance for
seismic loading
Guidance for wind tunnel
tested arrays
Wind tunnel tested in
Los Angeles – Approved test facility

*AC – 467 is exclusive to SolarStrap racking system


Tensile Strength Shear Strength
800 – 2,000 lbf.** 800 – 2,000 lbf.**

**Tensile and Sheer Strength – results may vary depending on the type of attachment, roof type, and building substrate.