Cleveland, OH ? March, 2015 Solar Power World

In January, PermaCity Solar powered-up a massive 5.1-MW solar rooftop system on the headquarters of fashion retailer Forever21 in the Lincoln Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles. this SunPower system is now the largest single-rooftop solar system in Los Angeles Conty and the third-largest in California. Now completed, the system will generate enough energy to power approximately 1,450 Lincoln Heights homes.

“We are thrilled to be a leader in the adoption of clean energy and proud to say that we have built the largest solar rooftop in Los Angles,” said Don Chang, founder and CEO of Forever21. “As an LA-based company, we wanted to contribute to the city’s goal of increasing clean renewable energy and becoming a more green economy.”

PermaCity, a Solar Power World 2014 Top Contractor, premiered its SolarStrap? racking product on Forever21’s roof. SolarStrap? is manufactured in Los Angeles, has no penetrations that could cause roof leaks and does not cause stress to the buildings’ structural integrity. SolarStrap? is heat welded?literally baked into the new TPO roofing?allowing 15,512 SunPower modules to become part of the solar roof.

“The solar system we constructed here will provide Forever21 with the best solar technology available on the market today, designed to deliver reliable, emissions-free electricity over the next 25 years or more,” said PermaCity CEO Jonathan Port.

Source:?Solar Power World