Los Angeles, CA ? February, 2016

In a large-??scale project, PermaCity, Constellation, and the ?Port ?of ?Los ?Angeles announce ?the ?completed Feed?in?Tariff ?(FiT) ?project ?installation ?on ?the rooftops of Warehouse No. 9 & No. 10 at CRAFTED at the Port of Los Angeles.

Owned ?and ?operated ?by ?Constellation, ?PermaCity ?designed, engineered, and constructed 1.2 megawatt (MW) rooftop solar array for the Los Angeles FiT on top of ?classically ?restored ?1940s??era ?Port ?of ?Los Angeles ?Warehouses ?No. ?9 ?& No. 10. PermaCity?s patent ?pending ?SolarStrap? ?racking ?technology allowed for full roof coverage, high power, and great looks for this adaptively renovated building.

?Not only is the SolarStrap? racking technology leading the industry, the fact that we are delivering the first Port of Los Angeles FiT brings us tremendous pride,? said PermaCity CEO Jonathan Port.

?Constellation is pleased to help the City of Los Angeles expand their impressive FiT program and advance their sustainability ?goals,? ?said ?Zeb ?Wallace, ?senior business ?development ?manager, ?solar, ?for Constellation. ??PermaCity?s professionalism ?and ?knowledge ?of ?the ?Los ?Angeles ?market ?and ?FiT program were ?essential ?to navigating this complex project.?

CRAFTED ?at ?the ?Port ?of ?Los ?Angeles ?is ?one ?of ?the ?largest ?creative ?campuses in ?the ?Los ?Angeles area. ?CRAFTED ?Warehouse ?No. 10 is ?home ?to ?the permanent, ?handmade, ?artisan ?marketplace ?with over 48,000 ?square ?feet ?of permanent handmade artisan marketplace, and 100 individual artists, crafters and food makers, and event space. CRAFTED Warehouse No. 9 is home to the new Belgian??style ale brewery Brouwerij West.

?CRAFTED at the Port of Los Angeles is proud to contribute the first major solar project to the Port?s mandate to mitigate ?carbon ?emissions ?through ?solar development,? ?said ?Rachel ?Sindelar, ?CRAFTED ?Executive Director. ??As ?a business that supports community self?reliance by encouraging the sourcing, purchasing and appreciation of locally made ?products, ?we ?thank ?the ?Mayor ?and Port ?leadership ?for ?championing this ?project ?and ?facilitating ?its ?completion.”

Technology & Design?
PermaCity used its patent-??pending locally manufactured SolarStrap? to elegantly mount the array and to decrease visible height of the modules. Located by the ocean, details such as special coating on the stainless steel prevent galvanic action found in dissimilar metals. SolarStrap? UL2703 and Los Angeles L.A. RR number make for fast and efficient ?installation, ?eliminating ?most ?to ?the ?ground wire ?now ?replaced ?by the ?SolarStrap? ?itself. Using ?SolarStrap? proprietary ?attachment ?methods ?securely ?fasten ?3,582 SolarWorld ?320-??watt high ?performance modules through a thin roof deck to solid structural rafters. SolarStrap? is world famous for its non-??penetrating, non-??ballasted systems on Membrane roofs, now adapted to built-??up type roofs using an innovative flat stanchion design making this project possible. ?The modules have a 25-??year Power Production Guarantee. ?39 SMA Tripower?24 ?kW ?AC ?inverters ?feature algorisms that ?boost ?performance. Web ?based ?monitoring ?provides ?detailed ?solar generation and continuous system health monitoring.

System Performance, Environment & Jobs
The system generates an estimated 40 million kWh during the 20-??year supply agreement with LADWP, mitigating about 37,600 tons of carbon, the equivalent emissions of 331 homes, or taking 400 cars off L.A. streets. A good move? to? Los? Angeles?? commitment? to? 50%? renewable? energy? and? self-??reliant? energy? production.??The? project? created 38 direct jobs.

Financial Return
The? project? delivers? a? return? on? investment? to? system? owner? Constellation? from? a? 20??year? Power? Purchase? Agreement standard in the FiT from Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP). The system host, Crafted, receives a percentage of the gross revenue each year. The roof mounted solar cools the roofs during the hot summer months.

Contribution to Customer Transition into Carbon Neutrality?
PermaCity and Constellation provided the Port and Crafted with a prime example of how ordinary buildings can become powerful energy generators and climate change leaders. The project is a beacon for Port tenants that will surely ?have multiplier ?effects ?from ?the ?success. ?The ?cooling ?of ?the ?building ?in ?the summer helps ?to ?make ?the ?building more comfortable and usable avoiding expanding air conditioning and lowers the urban heat island effect caused by heat build-??up from HVAC exhaust.


About PermaCity
PermaCity ?is ?an ?innovative ?leader ?in ?specialized ?energy ?solutions. ?Since ?our inception, ?we?ve ?remained 100% ?committed to solar innovations and execution. Our growth is based on a long, successful track record with multiple big-??box stores ?and ?industrial ?projects ?as ?well ?as ?the ?strong ?relationships ?we ?have forged with ?clients ?such ?as ?Forever ?21, ?Cathay ?Bank, ?Samsung ?and ?Costco. Because ?we?re ?solar ?specialists, we ?understand ?exactly ?how ?to strategically develop and seamlessly execute solar installation projects that deliver ROI for your business.

About Crafted
CRAFTED ?at ?the ?Port ?of ?Los ?Angeles ?opened ?in ?2012 ?after ?the ?development by ?leading ?place-??maker, ?Mr. ?Wayne ?Blank. The man behind hotspots like the Bergamot Station in Santa Monica, California. Realizing the potential for the ?arts and ?crafters ?in ?the ?South ?Bay, ?CRAFTED ?became ?the ?heartbeat ?of the revitalization ?of ?the ?Port ?of ?Los ?Angeles. ?Nearly ?four ?years ?later, ?CRAFTED has ?been ?home ?to hundreds ?of ?artists, ?jewelry ?makers, ?furniture designers, and crafters of all shapes as sizes, and continues to grow as a marketplace and more. CRAFTED launched its event rental space available year-??round and is quickly becoming one of the hottest wedding locations in the Los Angeles area. Newest to the CRAFTED family is Brouwerij West, a 26,000 sq. ft. brewery open as of February 27, 2016 ?located ?next ?to ?the marketplace. ?To ?learn ?more ?about CRAFTED ?and ?how ?to ?get ?involved ?visit ?http://craftedportla.com/.

About Constellation
Constellation is a leading competitive retail supplier of power, natural gas and energy products and services for homes ?and ?businesses ?across ?the ?continental United ?States. ?Constellation’s ?family ?of ?retail businesses ?serves ?approximately 2 million residential, public sector and business customers, including more than two-??thirds of the Fortune 100. Baltimore-??based Constellation is a subsidiary of Exelon Corporation (NYSE: EXC), the nation’s leading competitive energy provider, with 2015 revenues of approximately $29.4 billion, and more than 32,000 megawatts of owned capacity comprising one of the nation’s cleanest and lowest-??cost power generation fleets. Learn more at www.constellation.com or on Twitter at @ConstellationEG.